Cascina Bric strictly manages our vineyards in Briano by hand.

They are in a single-plot of land, surrounding the winery, at about 400m above sea level. The vineyards are in a basin that protects them from wind and cold fronts that descend from the mountains. All our varieties are native grapes: Barbera, Freisa, Bonarda Piemontese, and Cortese.


This is the vineyard that surrounds Cascina, and for which it is named. We cultivate Bonarda in sandy, white tuff soils with excellent south/southwest exposure.


The Vinga Granda runs longitudinal just north of Vigna del Bric. It is a stunning Cortese vineyard, with south/southeast exposure and bordered by fields of wheat and forest.


Overlooking the valley in the direction of Castelnuovo Don Bosco, the Vigna Vales is a plot where we solely cultivate Barbera in red clay soils that give body, structure, and power to the wine.


Ruchin was the previous vineyard owner’s name. The vineyard, located in the direction of Moncucco Torinese, is entirely cultivated in Freisa on “white and red” soils, characterized by red tuff, clay, and chalk


With south/southwest exposure, it is the “oldest vineyard” at Cascina Bric. It is also the westernmost plot, located above the gypsum quarry that overlooks Moncucco Torinese.


This is the youngest vineyard. Planted in 2016 by the three Mosso sisters, it grows Freisa, Bonarda Piemontese, and Nebbiolo. It is located at the entrance to Moncucco, with a south/southwest exposure and red tuff, chalk, and clay soil.


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