A story of tenacity, and dedication.
Rooted in tradition with our eyes turned to the future

Cascina Bric is a small ecosystem where vines, wine, food, and hospitality are integrated as a young and dynamic company. We are well established on our land and use the teachings of the past the renew the future.

We are in Moncucco Torinese, the Province of Asti. We are in the first hills of Monferrato, between Torino and Asti, Chieri and Castelnuovo Don Bosco. It is a land that has long been dedicated to viticultre. It is here that we, the Mosso family, cultivate our vines according to the teachings of our great-grandfather and founder, Firmino. After the war, he had an instinct for the potential of wine and laid the first stones of our farm.

He left an inheritance that is now carried forward by Firmino, the original Firmino’s grandson, his wife Daniela and their three daughters, Francesca, Silvia, and Chiara. They represent the fourth generation of the Mosso Family to dedicate their lives to wine and manage the winery along with a restaurant and agritourism.

The ’20s

The founding

Just returned from the First World War, Firmino Mosso, the great-grandfather and patriarch, builds his farm in Briano, just outside of Moncucco Torinese. It is a typical multi-purpose farm where fields of wheat and corn grew alongside vines and in the company of farm animals.

The ’70s – ’80s

The second generation

The family farm passes into the hands of Firmino’s sons, Luigino and his brother, who continue to expand upon the work of their father. The begin specializing is growing vines and making wine under the family name.

The ’90s

The third generation and new investments

The winery moves to its current location, on the “bricco” of the Briano hamlet, where the “Bric” farmhouse already stood and from where the winery got its name. Firmino Mosso, the founder’s grandson, begins to invest in the vineyards and winery. New investment and new people combine together to push the winery in the future: the vineyards are expanded and redeveloped to produce Monferato DOC wine and the winery adopts modern technology.

The 2000s

The Agritourism

Wine and hospitality are a continuously important match for Cascina Bric, which in 2006, opened an agritourism. Guests can enjoy the winery’s range at a lunch or dinner of traditional Monferrato cuisine, or even spend the night in the tranquil countryside.

The fourth generation

Since 2016, the fourth generation of the Mosso family has been welcomed into the winery. Francesca, Silvia, and Chiara now run the winery, the kitchen, and the hospitality. They have the difficult task of collecting a century of winemaking traditions and using them to leverage Cascina Bric for the future.

The Mosso Family


Firmino bears his grandfather’s name, a constant reminder of the man who built the winery. He grew up between the vines, learning the hard work of a winemaker. Together with his wife, Daniela, he has devoted himself entirely to the restoration of the farmhouse to build the agritourism, knowing intuitively that wine and tourism are the future of his land.

After struggling in the vineyards, my grandfather would pull me aside and ask “Did you do a good job?”. For him, the only work worth doing was work well done.

Firmino Mosso


The vineyards and the winery are a part of us. They represent our childhood games, our pastime, our first chores after school, how we lent a hand to our family: the wine is in our blood, representing our past and giving life to our future.

Francesca, Silvia and Chiara Mosso
Francesca has a degree in Viticulture and Enology, Silvia in Business Administration and Communication, and Chiara in Linguistic Mediation. After graduating and gaining a little work experience, the Mosso sisters chose to work at the family winery and take on the responsibility of its future. They bring a young and dynamic energy to the winery; their passion, willingness to innovate, and specialized skills make them an efficient team that is capable of interpreting tradition with modern eyes.


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