«We want to offer an authentic experience of Monferrato, which begins on the palate but ends in the heart»

Famiglia Mosso

Wine is convivial, a welcoming spirit, meant to share. Enjoying wine means to experience a territory, getting to know the people who live there and taste the flavours that define it. Cascina Bric offers its agritourism guests the possibility to “experience the wine” and hospitality of Monferrato.

The guesthouse allows guests the unique opportunity to stay amongst the vineyards and enjoy traditional Piedmont cuisine surrounded by a poignantly beautiful landscape.

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Even our kitchen is a family affair

At the stove you’ll find our grandmother Valeria, our mother Daniela and Francesca, while in the dining room Silvia, Chiara, and our Dad Firmino are waiting to seat you. Tajarin and fresh pasta rolled by hand. Fassona cut with a knife. Bollito and fritto misto alla piemontese. Tripe, vitello tonnato, bagna cauda, polenta. Bonét and panna cotta. These are just a few of the dishes found on a traditional Monferrato menu, that are grounded in Piedmont technique and follow the seasons. .

Freshness and local ingredients

Fruits and vegetables come from our garden which our grandfather Vittorio looks after. All our ingredients, which are cooked fresh, are sourced from local producers and farmers that we trust.

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The ideal pairing with Cascina Bric’s cooking is, of course, our wines. They complete the culinary experience and even inspire new dishes.

The agritourism’s kitchen is open Saturday and Sunday on reservation. During the week we can accommodate groups with a reservation. We serve a traditional menu at a fixed price. We can accommodate vegetarian dishes or food intolerances on request.


Elegance and comfort. Refinement and attention to detail. The two rooms at the guesthouse, which have recently been completed, were restructured in the typical style of a Monferrato farmhouse, overlooking a courtyard and the surrounding hillside. Each room is equipped with all the amenities, with a private bathroom and a private entrance, and comfortably sleeps four. The two suites have been decorated according to the themes of the sun and the moon.


This room is an ode to the night, to the mysterious charms of shadows in the woods. The “Cradle of the Moon” plays with shades of azure and blue to envelope you in a relaxing environment.


Done up in warm tones and yellow-orange shades, the “Cradle of the Sun” inspires energy, good humour, and a spirit of adventure.


All rooms are furnished with a blowdryer, tv, mirror, luggage rack, private bathroom, free WiFi, private entrance, and parking. They are able to sleep up to 4 people, and if necessary, high chairs for young children are available upon request. A breakfast of local products is included in the price. Cascina Bric offers its guests the enjoyment of a tea or herbal tea in the “Joy” common room, where an electric kettle and a wide range of infusions can be found. In good weather, enjoy the tranquility of the courtyard garden.


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