A long familiar tradition
in the production of quality

Cascina Bric is a small ecosystem where vines, wine, food, and hospitality are integrated as a young and dynamic company. We are well established on our land and use the teachings of the past the renew the future.


We want to offer an authentic experience
of Monferrato, which begins on the palate
but ends
in the heart.

Wine is convivial, a welcoming spirit, meant to share. Enjoying wine means to experience a territory, getting to know the people who live there and taste the flavours that define it.
Cascina Bric offers its agritourism guests the possibility to “experience the wine” and hospitality of Monferrato. The guesthouse allows guests the unique opportunity to stay amongst the vineyards and enjoy traditional Piedmont cuisine surrounded by a poignantly beautiful landscape.

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Località Briano, 9 - Moncucco (Asti)
Tel. 011 987 46 53 / Cell. 330 68 40 75 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.